About Bloom Connections

Bloom Connections is a Unique Firm

Partnering with hand picked events, venues and initiatives, creating authentic engagement opportunities, connecting brands and consumers. Our partners' events and venues are very well attended (typically sold out) and range from 300 exclusive guests to 15,000+ per day festivals. Some opportunities are one day per year, and some offer 50 festivals around the country. The demographics are concise. The reach achieved through traditional and social media channels is massive. We and our partners LOVE experiential, disruptive activations!

Whether you are a consumer brand or agency seeking engagement opportunities for multiple brands, we are anxious to guide you through an exploration of what we and our partners offer, where our venues, audience and reach are here, ready for you to engage and amaze.

Connection & Engagement Catalysts

Greg Bloom

Born and raised in Middletown, NY and Charlotte County, FL, Greg has a Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Hospitality Management at Florida International University, and a double Masters in Social Networking and Connecting from the school of life. He held almost every position in a restaurant, bar and nightclub and completed the Management Training Program at The Plaza Hotel in Osaka, Japan at 22 years old for his internship. Bloom founded and published Image Magazine in Vail and Denver, CO from 2000-2009 and produced, co-produced and promoted many great events in that period, up until his move to Los Angeles where he became Director of Development at the Give Back Hollywood Foundation, connecting celebrities and charities. He produced giant weekend events during the Primetime Emmys and the Golden Globes. Four more years were spent in LA redefining this company, consulting for numerous events and initiatives around the country connecting, connecting and more connecting of brands, venues, talent, media, you name it! In all his travels and adventures, his time spent in the Vail Valley of Colorado from '97-'02 were some of the best of his life. He just returned to the valley in Sept. 2014 where he'll now reside for the long haul among many friends he considers family and the best community on the planet. Greg believes wholeheartedly that if you haven't done a lot of helping and giving, then you haven't been living. Earning and keeping are great, but they'll never ever hold a candle to giving of yourself to lift someone else up. Speaking of candles, he once tried an ear candle to clean out the wax and free up some brain space, and it totally worked! He's about due again.

DC Bollard

DC spent the last 15 years honing his sales and people skills as representative for a top wine, beer, and spirits distributor in Colorado. His career in the international ski destination of Vail, Colorado has him finely tuned to the mountain lifestyle he loves, while challenging him with an affluent demographic of clientele that calls for paramount attention to detail and customer service. DC also worked for many years within the hospitality industry prior to the life of wine and spirits. He is fluent in the importance of providing exceptional service by connecting brands with venues and consumer audiences on a very personal level. He is a dynamic individual who is always down to try new things and meet new people. He is thrilled to combine all of his passions and accomplish droves of connections with this team. DC believes that “Yes” is always the best answer and his favorite number is purple!

Erin Tjoe

Erin Tjoe, Miss Hong Kong 2014, is a TV host personality and advocate of conscious, transformational brand-audience experiences. Her host projects include Green Travel Destination, The LA Fashion, Tailor Made and BlacktreeTV. She is also a correspondent at Sundance Film Festival, The Grammys, Oscars, and numerous other red carpet events. World traveler, adventure seeker, TV/print model and event brand ambassador, Erin has been sponsored by or represented brands like Neiman Marcus, Nike, Motorola, Verizon and PG&E, but has aspirations to be a catalyst for connecting forward-thinking, conscious, eco-friendly brands with our audiences and has already brought a giant burst of energy and light to Bloom Connections with her like-minded desire to make the world a better place. She can also be found singing EDM vocals and DJing transformational music festivals using sonic tuning and vibrational frequencies to catalyze open hearts and conscious awakenings. Erin's own heart can barely fit in her torso, and for many reasons she would love it if there were three of her! So would we!

Allison DiLiberto

Allison is a Digital Producer with 15 years experience across Technology, Global Business, Consumer Brands, e-Commerce, Healthcare, Energy Solutions, Entertainment, Sports, Education, and Non-Profit. She has a passion for directing projects, driving revenue & engaging audiences through brand-centric multimedia. She's a decisive, results-oriented leader with proven success in team building, strategic thinking, problem-solving and client satisfaction. She thrives in diverse and changing environments while remaining focused & pragmatic. Originally from Jersey, Allison evolved and recently found asylum in Colorado. Three words to sum her up: Short, Sassy & Sweet!

Camille Key

An online branding, website designer & developer, event producer and marketing expert who has worked with a wide variety of talent, including: Mercedes-Benz  Fashion Week Amsterdam & Swim, LegendBorne - Elite Rugby Apparel, Ocean Drive Magazine Founder, Jerry Powers, Hublot, Walt Disney World, The Pittsburgh Steelers, The 2012 Democratic National Convention, Charleston Fashion Week and The Charleston International Film Festival. In her 'spare' time, you can find her submersed in creative projects with her artistic friends or playing practical jokes on colleagues and friends, which include Jedi Mind tricks and dressing up in costume while TP'ing their cars just for fun.