Lightning in A Bottle

A fast growing annual festival promoting sustainability, social cohesion, personal health, and creative expression. The festival has seen music from Little Dragon, Moby, Phantogram and Thievery Corporation, among many other greats. Though electronic music is the focal music genre, it’s also a social lifestyle hub, attracting those interested in yoga, ecological workshops and spiritual practices. The audience is one were mature (35-44) and affluent members of the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability demographic mix and interact with a younger (18-34) trendsetting demographic. Together they are a community open to trying out new things and experiences and represent a marketplace for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. Brands that follow this mantra are encouraged to support and participate with likeminded art installations and audience engagement practices.

Lighting in a Bottle won the sustainability Greener Festival Award and is internationally well-known for its art-installations that are shown at large festivals all over the world.

Where: San Antonio Lake Recreation Area, Monterey County, CA, 2.5 hours from  Bay Area, 4 hours from LA.

When: May 26-30, 2016

Target Market: West Coast USA: From San Diego to Vancouver, and increasing amount of international trendsetters

Demographics:  75%: 18-34, 15%: 35-44, 9%: 55+;  52% Female

Traditional and Social Media Reach: 20 Million +

Attendance: 20,000 for 3 days

Partnership Opportunities: Print, Digital, Social, On-Site, Experiential

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