MoBoogie Live Colorado Music TV Series

In the last seven years Colorado's top music video production company, MoBoogie, has captured and produced over 1,200 videos and 2,500 live audio tracks, and have enjoyed over 27,000,000 views on their YouTube Channel as a result. In 2015, we'll launch the first of its kind Colorado music TV series called MoBoogie Live, where we'll continually capture the freshest in great live music, EDM and a variety of genres with the state's top festivals, incorporating exclusive artist interviews and other innovative content integrations.

Episodes will each be aired uniquely, with a premier sneak preview launch event in the Colorado Front Range or relevant ski town. As a partner brand you can enjoy :15 and :30 second commercial spots during the episode at the premier and on TV every time the episode repeats. Partner for multiple episodes or the whole season and enjoy product and brand placement in the filming of the episodes. You'll also have the opportunity to authentically engage hundreds of fans on site during preview events.

Where: National Cable/Satellite TV

When: 2015

Target Market: CO Rocky Mt Region and Nationwide

Demographics: 25-44, 55/45 Male/Female, Avid Concert/Festival Goers, Social Media/Tech-Savy, Music Downloaders

Average Household Income: $110k

Attendance: 500+ per premier launch event

Traditional and Social Media Reach:6.5 Million+ TV; 20 Million + on Social Channels

Partnership Opportunities: TV, Digital, Social, On-Site, Experiential

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