Whet Travel: Salsa Cruise

The Salsa Cruise returns to the Caribbean for the 18th year and this time, the entire cruise ship will be full of Salsa lovers, and of course the music that connects them. Since its maiden voyage in 1998, Salsa Cruise has become a staple within the world wide Salsa community.

Being the original and premier Live Latin Music Cruise experience on the high seas, over 40 Salsa Cruises have set sail to date but none bigger or better than the one coming up Oct 24-28, 2016 where we are taking over an ENTIRE SHIP! Salsa Cruise is also the largest Latin owned company to execute an event of this magnitude.

New in 2016, this Latin icon has partnered with Whet Travel, the largest independent music cruise company in the world, to take the #SalsaFAM experience to new heights. Partner with the Salsa Cruise and engage the most active, energetic demographic of multicultural influencers, from the 2400 guests on the ship to over 100 artists.

Where: Cruise Ships, Open Water, Tropical Destinations 

When: November Annually 

Target Market: Global Salsa Dance Communities, Heavy East Coast Metropolitan Areas

Demographics: 85% are 22-45, 60% Female, Love Salsa Dance, Adventure Vacation Seeker, Active Across All Social Media Platforms, Style Conscious, Active In Nightlife 

Attendance: 2,400 for 4 Days 

Reach: 1 Million on Social Media and Emails; 10 Million from media coverage 

Partnership Opportunities: Print, TV, Digital, Social, On-Site, Experiential, In-State-Room Placement

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Salsa Cruise 2016 | A ship full of Pura salsa!

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