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Voice Media Group publications host the leading food, music, art and beer related events in their cities. From annual music festivals to intimate art soirees and weekly bar tastings, these events are considered entertainment and brand engagement staples by locals in each market. There is not a more authentic, engaging, alternative media conglomerate in the US, and VMG events are a powerful extension of the print, digital  and social media source, and embrace local culture, celebrating each city's unique character.

Each event offers a unique opportunity for brand integration and engagement with the most active audiences in the country. VMG and Bloom Connections will work with your brand/agency to customize an ideal activation for one event or across multiple markets and events, and will adhere to almost any budget and reach your ROI goals. There is a lot to explore here and a lot of partnership success to be realized. 

Where: 11 top US Markets

When: Throughout each year

Target Market: US metropolitan and densely populated coastal regions

Demographics: 25-44, 60% Male, Music Fanatics, Foodies, Active Lifestyle, Tech-Savvy

Average Household Income: $140k

Attendance: 250 - 20,000 daily, per event

Traditional and Social Media Reach: 15 Million+ monthly

Partnership Opportunities: Multi-Market, National, Print, Digital, Social, On-Site, Experiential

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Denver Westword Music Showcase

Westword Music Showcase 2014 (OFFICIAL RECAP VIDEO) from F4D Studio on Vimeo.

7th Annual NY Village Voice Choice Eats

The Village Voice's Seventh Annual Choice Eats Tasting Event from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Minnesota City Pages Beerfest

Past Partners