Winter WonderGrass Festival

If you are a community-conscious brand or organization, focused on sustainability, local non-profits and supporting the arts, this is an amazing setting for authentic engagement of loyal fans. The fest consists of lively national, regional and local bluegrass and acoustic roots music, craft beer, wine, spirits and warm local foods from each respective CO and CA region. This unique fan demographic are young professionals and ski town locals and tourists. They are emphatic lovers of the outdoors and all of nature's wonder and activities that the mountain topography and communities provide. The seed was planted in Colorado two years ago, and with expansion to beautiful Lake Tahoe, the vision of long term growth is becoming reality. WinterWonderGrass is poised to become the premier winter bluegrass, roots music and beer festival in the United States.

Where: Avon, CO & Lake Tahoe, CA

When: Avon, Colorado: February 18-21 2016 & Tahoe, California: April 1-3 2016

Target Market: CO and CA Ski-town Locals and Global Tourists

Demographics: 25-44, 50/50 Male/Female, Outdoor Lifestyle, Adventurer, Traveler

Average Household Income: $100k

Attendance: 3,000-5,000 per day for 3 days

Traditional and Social Media Reach: 5 Million+

Partnership Opportunities: Print, TV, Digital, Social, On-Site, Experiential

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At Avon, Colorado & Lake Tahoe, California

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