Whet Travel: Zen Cruise

The Zen Cruise is a fast growing excursion, creating an annual community of mindful businesses and organizations who share their vision of forward thinking sustainability, consciousness and spirituality. 

We invite yoga, wellness and conscious businesses to join us in creating a powerful, positive experience for our participants, while fostering loyalty among the most influential segment of your target market.

We are committed to creating sustainable, positive relationships and valuable opportunity for all parties involved. To ensure that we deliver value to our partners, we'll customize packages that align with your brand experience and consumer engagement criteria, and aim to build a positive, long-term working alliance.

Where: Cruise Ships, Open Water, Tropical Destinations

When: March 3-7, 2016

Target Market: South Florida, East Coast, Major Cities, US and Canada

Demographics: 21-50, 70% Female, HH Income $65k - $79k, Conscious and Spiritual, Yoga and Organic Market Influencers and Consumers, Healing Arts and Yoga, New Age Music Fans

Attendance: 400-500 for 5-6 Days

Reach: 400k Social Media + Over 100,000 Unique Emails; 500,000 through media coverage

Partnership Opportunities: Print, Digital, Social, On-Site, Experiential, In-State-Room Placement

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