Vans Warped Tour and Rockstar Mayhem Fest Wifi Zones

From 12,000 - 25,000 in attendance each day… 42 shows in one… 25 in the other… your brand can have exclusive naming rights, display and sampling of a military grade internet/wifi hot spot up to 80’ x ’80 at each stop for one or both giant tours. Our FanPass.TV partner is bringing something new to festivals everywhere, providing fans with connectivity where it has been near impossible to achieve at highly attended events. 

Warped Tour, now in its 20th successful year, is the top alternative music festival tour in the world with proven success growing musical talent and brands supporting the events for all these years. Rockstar Energy's Mayhem Fest is one of the top Metal festival tours in North America as well. This new brand-audience engagement opportunity will earn your company strong association with the music brands and authentic credibility with the fans for bringing essential connectivity, allowing huge audiences to communicate with those outside the festival grounds and share content more than ever before. Use this multi-market footprint and these young active influencers to send your 2015 message to millions!

Where: VWT: 42 Venues / RMF: 25 Venues

When: Summer 2016

Target Market: North American Urban and Suburban 

Demographics: VWT: 91% Age 15-25, 62% Caucasion/22% Latino  |  RMF: Avg Age: 28, 58.7% Male

Average Household Income: Both: $60k

2014 Attendance: VWT: 569,865 / RMF: 301,159

Traditional and Social Media Reach: Each tour reaches 100 Million+ 

Partnership Opportunities: Print, Digital, Social, On-Site, Experiential

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